The Art of Writing Argumentative Essays


What is an argumentative essay?


In an argumentative essay, a specific thesis statement is supported by a lengthy argument. The author adopts a firmly established position on their issue and develops a case-based argument in support of it. Argumentative essays aim to persuade the reader of a specific perspective or viewpoint, much like persuasive essays and other forms of writing. A persuasive approach is what distinguishes an essay as being argumentative. The argumentative essay investigates a style of writing that calls for the student to do a thorough examination of a subject and persuade the reader to agree with you or disagree with you by gathering and analyzing facts. The learner benefits from learning more about the subject and developing distinct points of view that help them make informed decisions.


Types of arguments that can be presented in an essay

An argumentative essay can be done in the following three ways:


  • Classical - Do your utmost to persuade the reader that your position is the proper one by outlining the primary conflict, expressing your opinion, and presenting your evidence. This method of presenting an argument, often known as the Aristotelian method, is the most widely used since it is the easiest to understand. Given that it presents the information simply and precisely, it works well when your audience is under-informed or lacks strong opinions about your subject.
  • Rogerian - Give the reader a brief overview of the issue, recognize the opposing viewpoint, offer your own, and then justify why it is the reader's best option. As it respects both viewpoints and gives the center ground, this kind of argument works well for divisive issues.
  • Toulmin - Explain your assertion, provide evidence to support it, and then explain how the evidence is related to the assertion. This kind of argument, which relies heavily on facts given in a manner that makes the assertion challenging to disprove, is also successful for controversial topics. However, it only presents one side of the argument rather than both.



The best format for writing an argumentative essay


Argumentative essays should have a clear framework to make them simple for readers to understand. An argumentative essay's objective is to succinctly describe a perspective, a type of reasoning, and supporting details. The steps of writing a perfect argumentative essay are:

  • Make sure your theme is neither overly general—requiring a dissertation—nor underly specific. Determine the objectives for the paper. What are you trying to prove—a motive, a viewpoint, a perspective, an idea? Before starting to write, try to clearly state your objective.
  • Create a thesis statement based on your topic. You must make an assertion or a denial regarding your issue in your thesis for it to be argued. A thesis needs some chance of being true to be contested. But it shouldn't be taken as dogma; it needs to be something that some could find objectionable.
  • Your essay's introductory paragraph needs to explain your thesis, introduce the issue, give any background information that is important to comprehend your argument, and lay out the supporting details. To engage the audience and pique their interest in what you are attempting to express, you must first do so. After then, the debate's various perspectives are properly explained together with the dispute or issue at hand. Then, using pertinent and reliable data, you declare which side you support and persuade your audience of the wisdom of your choice.
  • Strong essays have justifications backed up by facts. The major elements defending your assertion or thesis might be looked at as reasons.
  • Provide enough proof to back up your arguments to convince the audience of your points. Cite evidence you've obtained from numerous literature and sources. Ensure to properly cite your evidence. Along with providing facts, thoughtful authors also consider the readers' rebuttals.
  • The body of the essay has three or more paragraphs, that justify your thesis.  With a purpose statement that effectively and succinctly illustrates why the reader should concur with your viewpoint, each body paragraph should address a new notion or piece of evidence. Explain your position on competing viewpoints and provide arguments to support or refute it. Gaining the reader's trust by providing information and looking at a subject from all sides will increase your credibility.
  • The conclusion enumerates all the points raised in the body paragraphs. A strong ending will appeal to the reader's emotions rather than adding fresh information or more arguments.



Writing down thesis statement in the best way


The thesis statement is the most important part of any argumentative essay. Hence it must be written carefully after much brainstorming and research. Writing a good thesis statement will increase the chance for you to excel in the art of writing an argumentative essay.

  • As you study your subject, a thesis develops. Before deciding on a thesis, consider, discuss, and debate your topic. If you are having problems coming up with a thesis, start freewriting about it. Your unstructured writing may offer a viable thesis.
  • As you create and edit your paper, keep in mind that your thesis is a functioning thesis that you may need to change or emphasize.
  • As you conduct inquiry and write, keep your developing thesis in front of you. Your writing may be more focused if your thesis is out in the open.


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