Knowledge is infinite. So are the types of subjects that can be taught in universities all over the world. There are thousands of universities offering degree courses, bachelor, and diploma courses to students with multiple subject choices or a combination of multiple subjects. Therefore, we can well understand that there is no limitation on how vast the education system is. Today, we can study everything that we are seeing or experience in our surroundings. Every country has its education system and within that system, colleges and universities have the curriculum or syllabus. Even if we can say that science, engineering, commerce, and management courses are almost the same in every country, the versatility of humanities subject is something that we are still grasping. Each of the subjects taught in humanities is mostly country-specific.

There has to be a way of evaluating such a large number of students who come to study in these colleges. A professor cannot identify a student's capability by just teaching them. The evaluation method in every degree course is through the process of giving online assignments, homework Assignment , and coursework to students who have their own set of difficulty levels. Therefore, we at My Assignment Experts have tried to cover almost all the subjects that these universities teach and we have experts for All Assignment Services. The subjects/courses that we do provide service:

  • Science –Physics, Chemistry, Biosciences, Nursing, Applied sciences, Agriculture, Environment, Mathematics, Computer science, and Engineering courses
  • Humanities - History, Geography, Liberal Arts, Psychology, Philosophy, Theology, Anthropology, language and literature, Archaeology, Environmental studies, sociology, political science, fine and performing arts, media, journalism, cultural or indigenous study. However, most of these subjects are country or region specific and provide you with experts for every country and region
  • Commerce - E-commerce, Accountancy, Cost accounting, Business Studies, Financial Accounting, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Commercial practice, Statistics, Mathematics, Informatics practices, and Finances
  • Management - Business Management, Project Management, Finance Management, Human Resource Management, Hospitality Management, Customer Management, Operational Management


Every kind of assignment on every subject at the tip of your hand


We do understand the difficulties that students face while writing online assignments. First, most of them do not have proper knowledge of the structuring and format of writing an academic assignment. These are time-consuming, as it requires extreme research and a deep level of understanding of the subject. Even if the students have all the necessary knowledge to write these assignments, they do not have enough time because of the extensive syllabus, lengthy lectures, packed class schedules, a huge load of assignments and homework, and a full schedule of exams. Apart from these issues, many international and even native students take part-time jobs to finance the huge tuition costs. Moreover, many students fail to write these assignments as most international colleges teach their curriculum in English. students who do not have English as their native language usually face a lot of difficulties in writing these online assignments. Therefore, we at My Assignment Experts provide help for All Assignment services for students with the help of some of the best experts who are master's and PhD qualified professionals from top colleges and universities around the world.


The type of assignment assistance that you will get from us:


  • Essay writing
  • Report writing
  • Literature review
  • Annotated bibliography
  • Thesis writing
  • Dissertation



Why choose My Assignment Experts?


We pick our assignment experts through a rigorous screening procedure and subject-specific assessment. To qualify them for this work, we also put them through an intensive training procedure after selection. The university's curriculum is well known to our experts, who make a special effort to learn about each course and unit even after having enough knowledge of each of their subjects of specialization. They have experience in producing high-quality content in addition to having solid academic credentials in their line of work. Therefore, we are confident that if you come to us for All Assignment Services you will not be disappointed with us.

  • Our experts create content solely based on research. We do not believe in copy-pasting other's people work. We have our full credentials and therefore we use special software that checks all the assignments created by our experts for plagiarism. We even provide students with a plagiarism report so that their trust in us becomes stronger.
  • Our experts receive so many assignments every day and for each assignment, they do in-depth research to give you the best content. Therefore, we never compromise our quality. We have a different quality assurance department to check all the errors and formatting of the assignments. The proofreading is carried out to ensure that you get high distinction marks
  • We create your assignment according to the marking rubric and take references from the most authentic source. The citation styles that we use are - APA, Harvard, MLA, Chicago/Turabian, IEEE, etc
  • We give importance to the feedback and work on every feedback given by the professor so that the student is fully satisfied. We provide this service free of cost


We believe in retaining our students so that they come to us repetitively. Therefore, we keep our rates very low and provide a 100 per cent refund policy if not satisfied with our service. If you are also looking for an assignment expert Help , then contact us now.




1. How do you choose your assignment experts?

We choose our experts through rigorous interviews and online examination procedures to test their knowledge in their respective fields of specialization. We select them only if they can pass through all our examination procedures.

2. Do you cover both theory and practical-based subjects?

Yes, we cover all the subjects that are taught under the university curriculum which includes both theory and practical assignments. This is done to ensure that students get a one-stop solution from one single website.