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Why students are opting to study for graduation from Adelaide?


In the recent 20 years, we are seeing a surge in the number of foreign students coming to study at the universities of Australia. The numbers are as good as the UK and the USA. This is mainly because Australia is comparatively more affordable than both these countries in terms of college tuition fees. However, the quality of education is as good as in the UK. There are many universities and colleges in Australia that are letting foreign students choose from a variety of degree courses along with huge facilities for students who also want to pursue their postgraduate and doctoral degrees in this place. The diversity in culture and good weather are other reasons. Some of the universities also hold major ranks in the world. All the major cities of Australia including Melbourne, Darwin, Sydney, Perth, and Adelaide have several good and renowned universities.

One of the major cities and metropolitan of Australia, Adelaide is currently the current favorite destination for both native and foreign students to pursue their graduation. With 1.34 million inhabitants in 2020 or around 78% of South Australia's inhabitants, Adelaide is the state's capital and Australia's fifth-most populated metropolitan. The Adelaide CBD is bordered by gardens on all corners, which makes it a gorgeous and vibrant area to reside and learn. Adelaide is also widely renowned for its diversified cultural landscape, classic architecture, and innovative urban planning. The city was established in 1836 as the projected capital of the only free-standing British territory in Australia and was given the name Adelaide. Adelaide is renowned now for its numerous festivals and athletic events, its cuisine and several vineyards, its beaches, and highlands, as well as its significant defense and industrial sectors. Some of the reasons why Adelaide is considered one of the best destinations for all kinds of higher studies are:

  • One of the best educational hubs - Three state universities that are all in the top 2% of global rankings are in Adelaide. Some of the best colleges in Adelaide are Torrens University, University of Adelaide, Flinders University, University of South Australia, Kathleen Lumley College, Carnegie Mellon University, and University of Adelaide Business School. There are also many private colleges and specialized higher education institutes present there that provide top-notch coaching to overseas students. Additionally, there are excellent pathway schools that can give an alternate entry point onto universities as well as professional education and training facilities offering programs to develop job-specific abilities across a wide range of occupations in Australia.
  • Affordable cost - Rent, tuition, and other regular living expenses often make up an international student's living expenses in Adelaide. You should expect to pay 7% less for housing in Adelaide than in Perth and Brisbane. A 19% price difference separates it from Melbourne and Sydney. The cost of renting is around 44% less in Adelaide than it is nationwide. This implies that you can receive a top-notch education without going broke. The projected cost of living per week in AUD is between $355 and $700.
  • Opportunities for part-time income - In Australia, a wide number of industries provide part-time and temporary employment. You must comprehend your employment rights as an undergraduate from a foreign country. Additionally, you should be aware of and abide by any limitations and conditions imposed by your student visa's employment requirements.
  • Good accommodation and transportation facility - You may find inexpensive student housing in Adelaide, with housing costs varying according to the area and style of lodging you select. Additionally, as most universities are located in urban areas, it will be simple for you to commute to and from your classes on foot, by bicycle, or by using a free internal tram or bus.



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