Write a compelling research paper 

What is Research Paper Introduction?


The Research Paper introduction is one of the most important parts of a project. It is less time-consuming than other parts, but it is very important to do it correctly. Before you start writing a research paper, paying attention to the introduction is very important. Your main purpose is to make the reader understand the topic to read thoroughly. 

Why is introduction important?


As a reader, the introduction will only catch your eyes and maintain your interest in a topic. That is why it is very important to focus on the introduction, as it will catch their interest, creating a curiosity to read more about the topic. Gain the reader’s interest by opening lines and paragraphs to encourage them to read more. The reader must relate to your topics. Once a reader finds a topic relatable, they find it even more interesting. Do your best to catch the attention of the opening introduction.

How to Structure a Research Paper?


It is very important to maintain a good structure in your writing. Whatever information, statements, or lines you include must have a neat structure. Neat research papers not only look professional but also sound professional. Ensure to maintain a pattern in your Content to make it professional and interesting. It also helps the reader to read it properly with a better understanding. The following order is a good example of a structured Research Paper-

1.    Hook phrase 
2.    Research overview 
3.    Effective thesis statement 
-    Hook statement 
The hook statement is the opening statement that “hooks” the reader to read the information. It is very important to catch a reader’s interest. So to do so, you must start the introduction well. Open the statement with an eye-catching phrase, and keep it simple. Remember, this is only the starting line, so you don’t have to rush and make it rugged. Please keep it simple and clear so that reader can read it thoroughly without any hassle. You can start your hook statement by asking a question or stating an interesting fact like- “Thomas Alva Edison once said….” Or “A recent census indicates that an average American is a white female, between 30 and 34 years old, with German ancestors”. Just like that to catch a reader’s attention. 

-    Research Overview 
After opening with a hook sentence, you must state the statements that you have gathered. You can also include a case study. Slowly proceed in your statements, one by one, factually, to state the information. You can also create a rough draft before the final one and make your corrections properly. This will help in creating curiosity and more to read further. 

-    Effective Thesis statement
The final thesis statement is the strong conclusion of your whole research paper. Keep it short and simple as it only intends to include the information. You can also take thesis help to make it more professional. Pull it together to explain the information you provided in the research paper. 

These are important tips to remember before you start making a research paper. Keep them in mind while you make your research paper so you don’t miss out on any important part! You can also go through paper topics and tips to get inspired and catch an idea to write. Proofreading can also help as it includes professional proofreaders to give a last and final look to your Content cleanly.