Why do students consider dissertation writing as one of the toughest academic works?


The word dissertation is itself very tough to comprehend. Students who are mostly Ph.D. scholars have to write dissertation papers which is a documentation of high-end research work. A dissertation requires a lot of analytical research and critical documentation. The dissertation document consists of several chapters. Each of these chapters has a different significance and needed to be presented after thorough research on the topic. This work consists of both theory and practical papers. Theory work is mostly documenting facts and the research that is being done with proper grammar being used, correctly written spelling, good formatting, and correct referencing style used for every chapter. Practical work, on the other hand, means a collection of raw data through various surveys, interviews, and documentation. A dissertation is the toughest form of online assignment that you will get to work on while completing your higher education or college degree courses. The most common reasons why students delay writing their dissertation papers are:

  • For each chapter of the dissertation, a different method of analysis is carried out – descriptive analysis and thematic analysis.
  • Students doing Ph.D.-level research are intelligent and have extreme knowledge in their field of specialization, however, they remain busy with coursework, completing the research for the topic that they have chosen.
  • Under such conditions, conducting high-level research and presenting this research work in the form of a dissertation document is very tough, complex, and time taking for the student.

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Why dissertation writing is so complex? What is the solution?


Dissertation writing is one of the major issues that higher education students face while associating with any degree or course within Universities. Our survey states that most students do not understand the significance of every single chapter within a dissertation approach. This is where our service comes to the aid. The professionals at My Assignment Experts are trained professionals who have gathered the proper amount of experience and have perfected the art of dissertation writing through the rigorous academic and professional direction. We specifically appoint PhD-level writers with specific knowledge on various major subjects as efficient dissertation writing help for you all, at the click of a button.

Dissertation writing is an art that requires rigorous practice and presentation to be perfected. It is extremely tough to follow the appropriate path required for the research question to be answered properly. The solution that we provide are:

  • We at My Assignment Expert take extra care and brainstorm ideas regarding how a particular dissertation topic should be approached. This is an exclusive service that we take our time and skill to process.
  • We conduct a meeting with our best experts in the relevant field of study and gather information regarding the development of a dissertation proposal. This proposal for the main project work is developed and provided beforehand to be provided to the professor for approval.

 Something that we as a reputed service have understood is that professors or designated assessors within various Universities like to provide feedback on dissertation work with the presentation of every single chapter. Our specialized service for dissertation writing provides you with the opportunity to pay and receive chapter-wise content according to relevant requirements. Our experts will provide you with a completed chapter (proofread and plagiarism-free) for submission awaiting professors’ approval and feedback. The feedback you receive will then be incorporated into the upcoming chapters. This approach will help you receive the best possible marks through proper guidance.


We follow a comprehensive approach for your dissertation writing assignments


The problems students face while committing to a dissertation are well-known to us at My Assignment Experts. Development of individual knowledge through a professionally done dissertation including both theoretical documentation and practical data representation is a major development toward academic excellence. The dissertation that our experts will perfect through their dedication and commitment will also serve as a parameter for excellence in academic writing for future references. Make no mistake in understanding for when we state that your dissertation holds equal significance for our company, we mean it through professional commitment.

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1. Is it possible for your experts to provide a solution to some particular chapters of the dissertation?

Yes, our experts can work on any chapter that you want them to do or they can work on the whole dissertation also. However, in the case of one chapter, you will need to provide us with all the necessary documents or the details of the chapters that have already been done.

2. Is your service pocket-friendly?

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