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Why Gold Coast is being considered by students to pursue their higher education?


There has been a significant increase in international enrolment at Australian universities over the past years. The figures are on par with those of the UK, Germany, France, and the USA. This is primarily because Australia's university tuition costs are often lower than those of all these nations. But educational standards are on par with those that are taught in these countries. Some of the universities are also highly ranked internationally. There are multiple top-notch universities in each of Australia's major cities, including Melbourne, Darwin, Sydney, Perth, Gold Coast, and Adelaide. Many Australian universities and colleges offer a wide range of degree programs to international students, as well as extensive facilities for those who desire to pursue postgraduate and doctoral degrees there. Other factors include the pleasant weather and the cultural richness.

On Australia's east coast is a city called Gold Coast, which is well-known for its stunning beaches, large buildings, and the large waves in Surfer's Paradise. The Gold Coast is the second-biggest city in Queensland and ranks as Australia's sixth-largest city, putting it on the list of the biggest non-capital city. Each year, hundreds of foreign students opt to attend one of the Gold Coast's renowned universities. Three of its universities have been recognized as some of the most prestigious in the world by the QS World University Rankings 2022. Some of the most common factors that attract Gold Coast as a favoured student's destination are:

  • Due to the city's top-notch educational facilities, as well as the appeal of its laid-back lifestyle and breathtaking natural surroundings along the ocean, Gold Coast now enrols 32,000 international students every year. Griffith University, Southern Cross University, Central Queensland University, and James Cook University are just a few of the numerous universities on the Gold Coast.
  • More than 8,000 students attend Griffith University, which is ranked 290th globally by QS 2022. The university, which is known for its exceptional teaching and emphasis on research, recently spent over AUD 100 million to give its students access to top-notch facilities.
  • Another private university that has received recognition for its learning environments, creative teaching methods, and significant industry participation are Bond University. Interactive lessons centred on conversation are used to teach students. The school is well known for both its top-notch education and its scientific research projects. Additionally, the school's stem cell research department is getting close to helping macular degeneration patients regain their vision.
  • Another well-known university is Southern Cross University. A private aviation technical education organization, the school has teamed to make it possible to study for a Bachelor of Business and Enterprise degree. The institution also provides cutting-edge science and health labs.
  • In Gold Coast, there are numerous options for housing for students. In addition to the top-notch campus housing provided by your preferred university, several commercial businesses run lively, well-equipped dormitories.



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