Why Plagiarism in assignment writing is strictly prohibited?


The most common way of assessing a student in college is by giving them an assignment. A student can take any subject for their Bachelor's degree. However, a student will be assessed based on their overall performance in the assignments that are given to them all through the year and the semester exams that take place at the end of the year. These assignments carry plenty of marks and are given in various topics and sub-topics from the subject that the student is pursuing. We know that the same kind of online assignment is given to several students from the same class. In many cases, similar kind of assignments is repeated every year or the pattern of the question remains the same. In this case, students must be very careful that they do not copy-paste the content from any website. They should be aware of creating plagiarised content as many students are given the same kind of assignment. Most often, students fail to conduct proper research for the requirements mentioned in the assignment and end up creating copy-pasted or Plagiarised content. 

 Students are not aware of the damage plagiarism may do to their careers. Plagiarism is often a punishable offense. They seek out shortcuts since they are unaware of the purpose of essays. Using unethical methods to complete the assignments will not get you even close to receiving decent grades. Various kinds of Plagiarism that students should be aware of:


  • Global Plagiarism - Global plagiarism is the act of claiming ownership of another individual's whole work. This could entail hiring a writer to do an essay or other project for you or turning in a piece of writing you obtained on the internet as your own. The most severe kind of plagiarism, known as "global plagiarism," involves blatantly and consciously misrepresenting the ownership of a piece of work. It may result in negative outcomes.
  • Paraphrasing Plagiarism - If your text is too similar to the source to be considered a paraphrase, it is plagiarism. A sentence or phrase should be quoted rather than copied verbatim.
  • Verbatim plagiarism - Verbatim plagiarism is the act of directly inserting information from a resource into your work without giving due credit to the original author. Verbatim plagiarism is still considered even if a few words are removed or replaced with alternatives.
  • Self-plagiarism - Self-plagiarism is a sort of plagiarism when the author resubmits a piece of their work or utilizes sections of another author's work while creating a new piece. While the question of whether self-plagiarism is conceivable is still being debated, the ethical problem of self-plagiarism is important, particularly because it can violate a publisher's copyright.
  • Patchwork plagiarism - Patchwork plagiarism is similar to direct plagiarism in that it occurs when a writer uses information practically verbatim from numerous sources without making any effort to credit the original authors. Patchwork plagiarism differs from direct plagiarism in that the writer uses his or her language to ingeniously combine the relevant data into a paragraph that has both plagiarised and original material. 


All these kinds of plagiarism need to be kept in mind by students before starting the research for their online assignments. However, they fail to do so as they are not professionals and often do not understand where to take sources for their research assignment. Even if they do find the source, they fail to write down the assignment, as they do not understand how to paraphrase the required part from these sources. They end up copy-pasting the content or paraphrasing the content in a way where plagiarism easily is detected. This can affect their marks in the assessment. We at My Assignment Expert provide you with completely Plagiarism free essays.



Our Experts follow certain techniques to avoid Plagiarism in your work


Our experts follow certain rules to write Plagiarism free essays. These rules are followed strictly for every assignment irrespective of whether it is a technical assignment or non-technical assignment. We strictly adhere to certain rules:

  • At first, our experts conduct extensive research on any given topic that they receive from the students. This includes gathering content from various sources and deciding which resources or which part of the resource can be used.
  • Following the initial research, our experts strive to interpret the data they have gathered before beginning to write coursework in your terms. Without accurate information and knowledge, we produce essays that are plagiarised. So they make sure they fully acknowledge the data and combine it all before writing the content.
  • Even after writing the content in your own words, the writers at My Assignment Experts make sure to add references and in-text citations in the entire content wherever possible. This procedure not only guarantees a plagiarism-free essay but also gives the work legitimacy. They always complete the citing section following the teacher's directions because there are various forms to choose from, like APA, Harvard, MLA, Chicago, etc.
  • They edit your work to ensure its accuracy and authenticity after finishing the essay and incorporating references. To ensure that your essay contains no plagiarised material, they carry out the necessary editing and employ plagiarism-checking tools for that.



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1. How do you check plagiarism?

We have the app Turnitin installed in our system to check every content for Plagiarism. It checks even 1% plagiarism in your assignment, to make sure that your work is completely free from Plagiarism.

2. Do you give discounts on your service?

Yes, we provide discounts for all students who avail of our service all through the year.