Nursing as a profession is gaining a lot of attention in recent times. Previously only female students used to take this up as professional. However, today with the changing times we are seeing that even male students are also directing themselves toward this career. Nursing is a career that involves caring for patients and people who are not able to carry out their duties due to physical or mental incapacity. The field of nursing is filled with a variety of outstanding duties regarding patients and their families. Nursing also includes having a thorough understanding of the various methods that can be used to keep patients healthy or assist in their recovery from diseases.

With the shifting socioeconomic conditions around the world, the nursing profession has seen significant changes recently. Nursing is much more than merely providing patients with personal care. However, it also incorporates mass communication, hospital administrative procedures, and most importantly a partnership for professional development with medical professionals. A nursing diploma or degree is required to work as a professional nurse. Many of the students can go for different fields of specialization after graduating depending on their interests. These can be:

  • Mental Health Nursing - In mental health nursing, patients with mental health conditions are cared for and assisted in improving the condition of their lives. Similar to geriatric care, mental health patients need ongoing attention and supervision because they are more prone to accidents and traumas and hence need specialized care. Working closely with patients who have mental health difficulties are psychiatric or mental health nurses. Their areas of expertise include clinical assessment, diagnosis, administration of specific medications, and nursing for psychiatric diseases.
  • Nutrition - While recovering from a disease, patients need to eat the proper foods, but to do so, patients need help from nurses for which nurses must comprehend and memorize the relationship between various nutrients that are required for various diseases.
  • Neonatal Care Nursing - Parents who are expecting a child receive treatment from neonatal nurses, who also assist them in taking care of a newborn. They must be fully informed on any issues that may arise during delivery, including how to handle cases of premature delivery.
  • Community Health Nursing - A community health nurse is a type of nurse who promotes care to a broad range of individuals and deals with current societal well-being. A community health nurse educates people about healthier behaviours, informs them of physical ailments, advocates for policy changes, and makes them aware of the specific issues that are present in their neighbourhood.
  • Preoperative Nursing & Postoperative Nursing - To ensure that the doctor has all the necessities before doing surgery, a nurse must collaborate with the doctor and the patient. This includes being aware of one's obligations and duties, the problems that must be investigated and resolved before carrying out any type of clinical procedure on a patient, managing the entire course with a systematic perspective, being accountable for the accurate dissemination of information, and other such things.

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  • Lawsuits against nurses typically centre on allegations of malpractice and negligence, particularly while providing care for newborns. It will therefore be easier for you to steer clear of a sticky scenario in the future if you have a full understanding of the legal ideas relating to neonatal nursing.
  • Nursing training requires being aware of and better public health.
  • Need to know about administering care and service in an emergency.

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