What are Case Study assignments?


When students study for higher degree courses in colleges or universities, they are assessed at every step by their professors. They get plenty of online assignments throughout their academic years. Among these assignments, Case study writing is the most common type of assignment. Case study writing has a proper format that needs to be followed to get good marks in college assessments. A case study is a thorough investigation of a person, a group of people, or a topic. A thorough, varied case study research technique is used to evaluate a complex scenario in real life. A well-known research technique is often used in a variety of academic subjects. With the aid of case study support, a student can investigate the causes and consequences of any occurrence.

Case studies can be categorized into three distinct types:

  • Single instrumental - In a single instrumental case study, the researcher concentrates on a single problem and selects a limited setting to evaluate it.
  • Collective case - A collective case study differs from a single instrumental case study only in that the subject must be evaluated using several limited cases.
  • Intrinsic case study - The intrinsic case study differs greatly from other types of case studies in that students must analyze an unusual or unique circumstance.


All these concepts are difficult to understand for students who have just started with their studies for the graduation course, as they are not yet clear with the concept and their application areas. In many cases, students of international origin fail to catch what has been asked in these case studies. This is mostly because their native language is not English or they have been doing their schooling in their native language. This leads to confusion among them when they try to attempt these difficult online case study assignments. Most often, they end up scoring poor marks on their online assignments. In this crisis, My Assignment Experts can come to the aid of such students through their Case study writing service.  Trained Experts who are professional academicians in their subject exclusively give this service. They have a thorough knowledge of their subject and have years of experience in writing Case study-based Assignments. All these experts are either Ph.D. or Master qualified.


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The Case study writing Service at My Assignment Experts has been designed in a way to cover every complexity associated with a Case study assignment. It is structured into various parts, which are:

  • At first, we can consider that a case is a term that refers to an event, occasion, action, or process that involves a person or group.
  • The second is the margin of the case, which corresponds to the geographical context and time frame of the case.
  • Another crucial objective for case studies is to make use of a range of data sources, including qualitative data from surveys, feedback and interviews, journals, or other materials, and quantitative data from surveys.


A case study assignment has a proper format that needs to be followed for getting better marks

  • Title
  • Introduction
  • Analysis of the case
  • The methodology used for the analysis
  • Results or the conclusion that is achieved after the analysis
  • Appropriate theories or supporting literature for the analysis
  • Conclusion or outcome
  • Reference list


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