What is a Classification essay?


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Essays that categorize concepts, ideas, issues, people, and things per the demands or subject matter are known as classification essays. Classification essays are often composed of smaller paragraphs, however, the number of paragraphs depends entirely on the subject and the number of materials available. Classification essays are said to be difficult to write since authors must figure out how to divide huge groups into smaller ones. It is also called a division essay. For any kind of essay writing, it is extremely important that the student must be very good in the English language and must have a treasure of rich vocabulary. In colleges or universities, the kind of Classification essays given for online assignments is very tough and mostly based on the subject that a student is pursuing their degree course. A classification essay can be categorized under the following 5 types of formats:


  • Types classification - In this situation, you must specify the main categories of the subject. For example, if you want to talk about leaders, then you will have to mention the great leaders and describe them separately.
  • Degree classification - The subject must be broken down from basic to advanced levels. By judging the value, you can determine if something is important or pointless, inexpensive, costly, great, ideal, or awful, etc.
  • Characteristics classification - Pay attention to aspects of the topic you want to write. For example, if we are writing about Apple, then we will have to mention the iPhone, Apple Air Pods, Apple MacBook, etc.
  • Parts classification - Divide the essay topic into logical parts for example, if we are writing about a certain electrical gadget, then we can break down the essay by mentioning various important features of the gadget in detail.
  • Chronology - Establish different timeframes, then write about your subject inside these parameters.


Knowing about all these classifications is very important for essay writing if a student wants to score High Distinction marks. Under such conditions, they must have a thorough knowledge of the subject and the format of writing the classification essay. It cannot be written in an average style. It must be written in a way where every format has been followed as per instruction. However, most often students fail to write as:

  • Lack of time is a factor that comes to play most of the time. Students pursuing graduation courses will be busy with so many other activities other than writing course assignments like preparing for semester exams or any other extra-curricular activities that interest them.
  • Lack of proper knowledge of English grammar, as many students do not have English as their native language. This can be a huge issue as college essays require advanced knowledge of English to write them down.
  • Not having a proper understanding of the format through which a Classification essay can be written.


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We follow a proper structure while writing your Classification essay


Be it normal essay writing or a Classification essay a proper format is always followed by our Classification essay experts so that the content of your essay looks perfect. The format that is followed is as per the university curriculum. These are categorized into basic parts:

  • Introduction or thesis statement - The thesis statement should come first in the introduction. The topic and categorization that must be addressed or explained in the body should be revealed in a strong thesis statement. The topics picked for the classification of the essay will be the subject of several lines written by our professionals. The reader must have some basic understanding of the topic of your essay by reading the thesis statement.
  • The body of the essay – The body of the essay is written in various parts. Each part describes the individual or classified part in detail. Our Experts take great care to construct a body that is rich in content and where every part has its significance.
  • Conclusion - We develop an outline of the classes that were analyzed before writing the concluding statement, connecting the discussion with the body and the thesis statement.


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