Privacy Policy - Key Points to Consider

Privacy Policy is highly necessary for us to consider on a transparent level. There are various major points to be considered through appropriate analysis and direction. Our major goal is maintaining your privacy. The standards of behaviour that we adhere to when it comes to privacy policies, as are our moral obligation. These are some of the key points to evaluate for a better interactive approach:

  • • All collected data, including email addresses and other personal data, is strictly maintained inside the business and therefore is according to privacy laws
  • • Details about you or our professional (writer or instructor) will not be disclosed to a 3rd person unless working in cooperation or teamwork
  • • Project solutions provided to the clients are kept between us for sixty days and are not published with several other clients or posted on any network during that timeframe
  • • When conducting business with us, the specifics of your expenditures (such as your credit card data or Paypal ID) are kept private by our financial processors. For them to handle a student's payment card information without our firm being involved, we worked with authorized Payment Suppliers to make this possible. We do not have access to any data about payments
  • • We would be required to disclose the interaction information with our Payment providers to resolve any disputes or complaints concerning the purchase. Since it is a legitimate mechanism that needs to be implemented in the event of any dispute regarding the product offered, it does not constitute a privacy invasion
  • • We maintain the obligation, if compelled by legislation, to reveal your personally identifying data to uphold our constitutional protections and/or to respond to court orders, judicial proceedings issued on our service, or to otherwise defend our interests
  • • It is recommended to often check this website for adjustments since My Assignment Experts retains the authority to modify this Proclamation of Confidentiality at any moment

Why do we gather Personal Data?

Personal Data is one of the most important aspects of operation and require proper care while handling them online. It is necessary to consider the major approaches towards the implementation of proper guidelines for the management of personal data. There are various reasons why we at My assignment Experts gather Personal Data. The necessary approach is highly relevant to evaluate a transparent direction with our experts, students and all our clients seeking Assignment Help service at our website. We must obtain your confidential information for the following reasons:

  • • To grant you accessibility to our Website when you are performing the activities for us to consider
  • • To remain in contact with us directly while providing the Solutions. Your demand may need to be clarified by experts
  • • If anyone is already a Member of our Website, we will be keeping you notified of any upgrades or modifications to the Official site as well as any assistance that, after a sufficient period, we will be prepared to buy from you
  • • To give you promotional material regarding our business and solutions
  • • To create a record of the compensation paid and the interaction you have established with us at My Assignment Experts for monetary and legislative reasons

Gathering personal data at My Assignment Experts is always done through apparent planning and management of all the legal obligations and government regulations for a better direction at providing you with the best Assignment Help service possible.

Overall Confidentiality Policy

Our Confidentiality Policy under practice revolves around the major approach through the development of better interactive and sharing of services from our side and payments from your side of the operation. These pointers relate to the proper understanding of our approach towards maintaining valid confidentiality:

  • • It is completely forbidden to exchange your private information with professionals (tutors and authors) and vice versa: Included is your full name, mobile number, email, residential information, and the name of the institution you attended. This protects clients' confidentiality and a professional (writer or tutor). Your purchase will be immediately cancelled if this condition is violated, and no replacement will be given
  • • You are under no circumstances permitted to engage with or speak with a professional (writer or instructor) on any form of payment-related question or explanation. The specialist must adhere to the exact strategy. Failure to do so would constitute a data leak and give rise to litigation on both sides
  • • We at My Assignment Experts do not promote the transmission of contacting information between the client and the professional (writer or teacher); simply our consumer management department can put you in touch with the relevant expert for an explanation
  • • Even if requested, you are still not permitted to disclose any payment-related information to the professional (tutor). Numerous clients have been victimised as a result of numerous fraudulent activities that have happened in the prior
  • • Only use the platform or the transaction link created by our sales department to make your transaction. If you require an immediate response from a professional, you can get in touch with our customer relationship operations group immediately. They are accessible around the clock and will help you as much as they can
  • • You can get in touch with our customer relationship operational team immediately if you require an expert response right away. They are accessible around the clock and will help you out as much as they can
  • • My Assignment Experts utilizes highly secure transaction channels and sincerely believes in its commitment to privacy and security. You consider and acknowledge that you will abide by the provisions of this Security and Privacy Policies if you purchase with My Assignment Experts