Accounting and its branches


Commerce is one of the most flexible and complicated subjects because it governs world commerce and society. Commerce is one of the most comprehensive and well-established branches of education that focuses on the mechanics of controlling and maintaining the functioning of a firm. A student must widen their business strategy and knowledge to circumvent a company's restrictions and generate low-cost and time-saving solutions. The fulfillment of one of the most significant aspects of commerce, accounting, is the foundation for the expansion of learning and the effective usage of the researched principles in the provided methodology. It also has educational value and provides a baseline for the student's intelligence level. Without accounting, a firm can never manage its finances.

The word accountancy originated from the French term "Computer". Accountancy is the method by which businesses keep their financial documents. Accounting has emerged over time based on a collection of guidelines known as ideas and standards. Accounting concepts are used in the processes of bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing. Accounting is now referred to as the science of money. Accounting has grown as a result of the evolution of various sorts of enterprises. The Joint Stock Company, with its sturdy mode of administration, has given rise to account management. The main branches or concepts that are taught under accounting are:

  • Financial Accounting - Financial accounting entails controlling and budgeting money and assets. It entails keeping accounting records, reports, sales charts, and invoices for expenditures, as well as documenting an individual's or organization's economic condition and accomplishments. Aside from being accountable to shareholders, it also entails reflecting on financial aim gains and failures
  • Bookkeeping - Book balancing is the method for overseeing an individual member or a business's assets, including revenue and expenses. During a specified timeframe, the accountant evaluates, manages, and reports an individual's or business's revenue, investment, spending, and earnings or liabilities. Different formulae are used to estimate and report on these
  • Tax accounting - Every government relies heavily on taxation to generate cash. Countries are dependent on taxpayers to fund government expenditure, growth, and administration. Taxation is divided into various subcategories, each with its own set of rules and laws
  • Income Tax - Income tax is a type of tax paid on all residents who earn money through business or employment.  Individuals and businesses must disclose yearly income and pay a predetermined tax rate under this system
  • Property tax - Property owners must also pay their property taxes on an annualized average. House taxes, like road taxes, assist to support repairs and improvements to municipal services. Parks, gardens, residential roads, municipal lights, and many more facilities require weekly and annual maintenance. Property tax revenue is used to fund the upkeep of public structures and services.


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