How to Make an Essay Longer ?


What is essay writing?


Communicating notions, contentions, beliefs, or information in a written format is known as essay writing. It is a frequent online assignment that can be used to assess learners' critical thinking and logical, and writing abilities. An essay generally consists of an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion, and it can cover various topics such as literature, history, science, and current events. Essay writing aims to effectively and convincingly transmit a message to the reader.

Writing essays is an important part of academic life, yet it can be difficult for many students. Achieving the necessary word count is among students' most prevalent issues. You may discover that your essay falls short of the word count, leaving you with dread. But don't be concerned! In this blog post, we will discuss some practical techniques and tricks for making an essay lengthier while yet meeting the required word count.

Importance of essay writing in college life


Writing essays is an important aspect of student life. It is an essential ability that every student, regardless of major or degree program, must learn and master. The value of essay writing in college cannot be emphasized, as it serves several vital functions.

  • Improves critical thinking and analysis abilities - Students can improve their critical thinking and analyzing skills by writing academic essays. Students learn to explore and analyze material, evaluate other points of view, and make educated judgments by writing essays. These abilities are necessary for students to manage difficult challenges and make educated decisions in college and beyond.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of course material - Students can use essays to show their knowledge of course topics. Professors use essays to assess students' grasp of significant concepts, theories, and ideas taught in class. Essays enable students to demonstrate their knowledge and ability by applying course material to real-world problems.
  • Enhances writing and communication abilities - Essay writing helps pupils enhance their writing and communication skills. It allows pupils to practice writing clearly, briefly, and organized manner. Writing essays assists students in developing their writing style and speech, which is important in all aspects of life.
  • Improves Research Capabilities - Research is an essential component of essay writing. Students learn to find and assess sources, analyze information, and utilize evidence to support their views. These research skills are useful in education and work, where students are expected to conduct research and make educated choices.
  • Improves Critical Reading Ability - Essay writing also improves critical reading abilities. Students develop an unbiased viewpoint for evaluating information as they read and analyze various sources. This talent is critical in today's information age, as we are bombarded with knowledge and must be able to distinguish between fact and fiction.
  • Increases Confidence - Finally, writing essays boosts confidence. Essay writing and submission might be difficult, but it also offers pupils a sense of success and pride. Writing essays, receiving criticism, and revising them help students improve their writing skills and gain confidence in their talents.

Essay writing, therefore, need skills that student should muster over time. However, due to busy schedules, studies, and part-time jobs, students may not have sufficient time to write a professional college essay. Essay writing is an extensive research-based work. One must have a good amount of knowledge on their given topic from the university to write a good argumentative or critical essay. Even if students are good at research, they often fail to develop the essay as they do not understand how to structure it properly or how information should be put on the paper sequentially. This leads to them getting poor marks in university assignments. 

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Format of an essay

A conventional essay consists of three major parts: an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. Each part is summarised below:

  • Introduction - The introduction is the first paragraph of your essay. It should pique the reader's interest while providing background information on the issue you'll discuss. The introduction should conclude with a thesis statement, a sentence summarising your essay's major point or argument.
  • Body -Your essay's body should be broken into paragraphs. Each paragraph should concentrate on a topic or argument supporting your thesis. Make sure to back up your claims with evidence and examples. Transitional phrases should also connect your thoughts and make your essay flow smoothly.
  • Conclusion - The conclusion is the last paragraph of your essay. It should restate your thesis statement and summarise your main points in a new way. You might also include some closing comments or ideas on the subject.

Tips to make an essay longer

You might have trouble meeting the needed word count when writing an essay. While incorporating fluff and filler sentences is not the answer, there are some effective techniques for making your essay longer and more professional looking. Consider the following suggestions:

  • Add more examples: Adding more examples is one of the finest strategies to make your essay lengthier. When discussing an idea, use real-world examples to back up your claims. These examples lengthen your essay and make it more persuasive and insightful.
  • More evidence: When making a claim or presenting an argument, make sure that you follow it up with proof. This can include expert quotes, figures, findings from studies, or historical events. Including more evidence to back up your claims not only makes your essay longer but also makes it more credible and convincing.
  • Use more descriptive language: Using more descriptive language is another approach to lengthening your essay. Instead of utilizing basic words to convey your ideas, try employing more complicated and comprehensive terminology. This will improve the professionalism and intelligence of your writing.
  • Expand on your points: If your essay falls short of the acceptable word count, expand on your ideas. Review your thesis statement and seek methods to expand on your views. Consider investigating alternate viewpoints or providing more extensive explanations.
  • Include counterarguments: Include argumentation to make your essay more comprehensive. This will not only help you make your essay lengthier, but it will also demonstrate that you have examined other points of view. Make sure to respond to the counterarguments while offering evidence to back up your claims.
  • Increase the number of transitional phrases: Transitional words and phrases can help you integrate your thoughts and make your writing stream more effortlessly. They can also make your essay longer. Transitional phrases include the words "furthermore," "in addition," "on the other hand," and "nevertheless."
  • Incorporate more sources: If you're struggling with the word count, try using more sources in your essay. Academic journals, books, and online essays are examples of this. Including more sources lengthens your essay and demonstrates that you have done your research.
  • Correctly format your essay: Finally, ensure that your essay is properly formatted. Employ the correct font and space; provide a title page, table of contents, and a reference page if necessary. A well-formatted essay not only looks professional but also demonstrates that you made an effort to present your work in a clear and organized manner.

Overall, essay writing is a difficult endeavor requiring significant time, effort, and cognitive involvement. College students might have trouble with essay writing due to various variables, such as a lack of expertise, time restrictions, complexity, anxiety about failure, and a lack of confidence. On the other hand, students can develop their essay-writing skills and become more confident and proficient writers with practice and dedication.


1. Is it acceptable to utilize these strategies to lengthen an essay?

It all relies on how you intend to use them. While some techniques, such as adding additional information or increasing your thesis statement, will assist you in making a more substantive argument, others, such as boosting font size or adding unimportant filler words, may be considered dishonest or unethical. These approaches should be used selectively and only when they bring worth to your essay.

2. What should I do if I'm still having trouble meeting the length requirement for my essay?

If you've tried all of the strategies in this blog and are still failing to meet the length requirement for your essay, try seeking assistance from your instructor or a writing tutor. They can give you extra advice on elaborating on your thoughts or offering new routes for your essay, allowing you to achieve the length limit meaningfully.