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            Essay writing is the most basic form of creative writing that every student must learn. This is an essential part of both school and college curricula. We have been writing essays in school as part of the literature subject. However, when we go to college, the subject of degree courses becomes much more complex and difficult for students. Therefore, the kind of essays that are given in college becomes subject-specific. However, not all students have the proper knowledge to write a professional essay. For this, some students end up scoring relatively low. The reason is that although essays are easier to write than other online assignments, students fail to follow the basic principles or the proper format that is needed to write them. The students find it difficult due to the following reasons:


  • Although the format for college essay writing is the same as school essays considering the format, the literature used in college essays must be more refined and professional. Moreover, it should properly align with the graduation course the student is pursuing. Students fail to follow the proper format most of the time. For this, they end up getting low marks
  • Students need to have good literature skills to write a professional essay. Most of these students come from various countries where English is not their academic language. But studying in foreign countries means they will get English assignments. Due to less knowledge of grammar and spelling they fail to write quality essay assignments
  • Additionally, most of these students fail to attend all the classes as they participate in other extracurricular activities or find themselves loaded with other coursework or semester exams


If you are worried about any of these situations, then come to My Assignment Experts. Our Essay Writing Help service aids students with all kinds of online essays – Humanities essay writing, Science essay writing, Commerce essay writing, Management essay writing, Nursing essay writing, Technical essay writing, and many more. A team of some of the best Experts who not only have subject-specific knowledge but also have the proper training to write Professional essays and online assignments provides this service. These experts are master's and PhD qualified and has more than 3 years of experience in teaching. Therefore, they are well versed with various college curricula and the kind of essay assignments given the universities.




Our experts follow the proper format for every essay

            Considering the difficulties that students face while writing academic essays we have designed the Essay Writing Help in a way where every student gets a complete solution for academic essay writing. The experts make sure to follow a proper format and structure while writing down your essays. The things that we strictly follow while composing your essay are:

  • A proper format needs to be followed depending on the style that your college or university follows. These formats are – APA, Harvard, MLA, MHRA, Chicago, and Vancouver. Each of these formats has a different style which is strictly followed by our experts as per your requirements
  • They first research the topic of your essay. For each topic, they conduct thorough research with the help of various resources and this makes your essay rich in context
  • Every essay needs to be written in a format – a proper introduction, the body of the essay, and a fitting conclusion
  • Your introduction should have a catch to draw the reader in and hold their attention. Included in it must be your subject, any pertinent background knowledge, nomenclature, or general information
  • The body of your essay will be the longest portion, and it should contain all of the topic details. It effectively defines the theme of the essay and provides a concise statement about the subject of the body of your academic paper. The supporting information for each statement in each paragraph is also included
  • The essay's conclusion ought to follow the introduction's strategy while also making the reader feel accomplished. They summarize the essay's central concept and discuss its importance. It must prove the claim is valid and provide wider applicability or respond to a question
  • A precise paragraph format must be followed when writing an essay
  • It ought to be clear and concise enough to convey the essay's argument
  • The essay's structure should be followed. There must be a connection between every paragraph


All these issues call for specific expertise, which students frequently lack. To handle all these issues our Essay Writing Help has come up with a customized help service.



Additional service that we provide our students

            We make sure to maintain a high quality for every essay. For this, we make certain that our Quality Assurance department maintains the correct grammar, spelling, and referencing style checks all content. Additionally, all your work is checked individually for any kind of plagiarism. The services are extremely affordable keeping in mind the pocket pinch of the student. So, hurry up and do not miss the discounts. Contact us now for our assistance.




1. Is essay writing help available for all subjects?

Yes, we provide essay help for every subject whether Science, Humanities, or Commerce. We have subject-specific experts who are highly qualified in their subjects.

2. Do your experts work on feedback?

Our experts are available 24*7. They work on every feedback and doubt that you have regarding your essay. They revise your work accordingly and we do not even charge extra for that.