Why students are scoring low grades even after presenting the correct content for their college assignments?


Most often we have seen students getting low grades in the online assignments given by their university or college professors even though they are good at studies and have put in a lot of hard work to complete an assignment. The reason behind this is:


  • Nowadays most students are coming from different countries to join degree courses from international universities. Most of them do not have English as their native language. This makes it difficult for them to present a technical assignment that is perfect and error-free
  • Most of these students are working part-time jobs to provide for the expenses of education, food, and lodging. This way they do not find enough time to present a perfectly structured assignment. Even if they write the assignment, it is mostly filled with a lot of grammatical errors
  • Most students pay close attention to their pronunciation, but when completing an assignment, they frequently make grammatical mistakes, spelling, and word-choice errors. This is because although they are good at studies, they lack the professional skill to present a properly structured online technical assignment paper. bn


All these lead to poor marks and result in students wondering where they are going wrong. Stop worrying now and come to My Assignment Experts where you will get the best proofreading assistance from some of our best experts who have experience in this field for years and are native English speakers having a strong grasp of the grammar, formats, and writing style of a professional assignment. These experts are mostly master's graduates in English literature and they are easily able to catch even a single mistake in your online assignment.



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      Nowadays, students have a burden of assignments to complete and most of the marks that they lose is because there are lots of grammatical error in their paper, even if the content of the assignment is up to the mark. A perfect assignment must have:


  • The usage of grammar is done correctly. Most students lose marks due to spelling errors and sentence structuring
  • The structuring of the sentence should be precise and every sentence should be related to the next one as per the topic. When there is no coordination between the sentences, students automatically lose marks
  • Every paragraph and line should be aligned with the requirement. This is only possible if the experts have done the correct research according to the requirements
  • The entire essay should be presented in a way to align with the learning outcome


Our proofreading experts take care of every single point mentioned above and provide you with a presentable assignment that can get you high distinction marks. We at My Assignment Experts want to give you reasons why you need an expert proofreader to make your assignment look beautiful.

  • Most students make mistakes regarding putting the right word in the right place or they don’t have a rich vocabulary to place a required word in the right place. This degrades the quality of their online assignments and they lose marks rapidly
  • Students make plenty of spelling mistakes whether during writing an exam or during completing an assignment because in both these cases they are in a hurry to complete the task
  • Students most often don’t understand where to put the correct punctuation and they lose plenty of marks for this
  • A key component of English sentence construction is the use of tense, prepositions, and subject-verb agreement incorrectly way which is a common mistake made by every student
  • Most students lack proper clarity in their assignment writing. They don't understand where to put tables, charts, and diagrams and end up getting fewer marks
  • Word count, font style, and many other requirements vary depending on the assignment. Students most often overlook these basics



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We take into consideration all these factors and hire our proofreading experts accordingly. Our experts check every part of the document written by the students thoroughly and correct every single mistake in the document – grammar, spelling, incorporation of proper reference, diagrams, tables, and charts to make the document look professional and give the professor who will check the document a feel that it has been done with extreme care and submitted after thorough proofreading. We even have experts assigned to check different parts of the document. They see if the entire document is aligned with the requirement of the professor or not and if every requirement has been addressed.


Our experts also check if the answers have been written down as per the marking rubric as this need is important to be addressed. We use several grammar-checking tools and plagiarism tools to make your document look perfect. However, we do not charge any extra cost for this. We check the document given by the students, and after analyzing the document we decide on which parts are needed to be proofread. We charge the students for that part only instead of the whole document. We also refund the whole money in case the students are not satisfied with the final document. So, stop worrying and contact us for the best grades.




1. How your proofreading experts can make sure that I get high distinction marks?

Our proofreading experts check the entire content for grammar, spelling, sentence formation, sentence alignment, punctuation, and other errors and correct them to perfection with their knowledge and experience. Good quality content will automatically fetch you higher grades.

2. Is your service costly?

Our service is much cheaper than what you will get from other websites. We provide our clients with huge discounts throughout the years. For the first timers, we usually give 20% discounts.