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What is essay writing?

We at My Assignment Experts like to help you with providing you essay writing help. We like to help you plan to research, organize and write your essays at university. We like to help you proofread and correct errors if any present. We understand your limitations and we like to remove all the obstacles from your essay writing path. Yes, we are talking about the best essay writing help that you would ever get. Essay writing is an art and it takes a long time, effort and practice to conquer. But, as students, you don’t have that much time and patience. We know that these essays carry a lot of marks and you cannot compromise with that. We understand you and we are ready to help you at every step of essay writing. Let’s first understand what it takes to write a good essay that can help you score perfect grades.

How to write a compelling essay?

The first and foremost thing is to find a good topic that attracts your readers. It is worth mentioning that a good topic is the soul of a high-quality essay. Once you have found the topic that you would love to work on, you need to start the research process. You need to find reliable sources and conduct research on those only. It will help you to find reliable facts, data and statements while improving your knowledge of the core topic. Once you have collected all the facts and data, you need to find a perfect structure. However, most of the essays follow the same basic structure of introduction, body, and conclusion.

The introduction

The first part of an essay is always the introduction. You need to introduce the topic to your readers so they can understand what to expect. There are 3 things to understand while writing an introduction.

  • The what
  • The why
  • The how

“The What” is what the question is about? To lead into the question, interpret it to have some background information. “The why” is why the question is important to put the question into context and identify the main issues that are raised by the question? “The how” is how you are going to answer it. Let the reader know what you're going to cover in your essay. In order to answer the question in the introduction, you can see the writer has included supporting evidence in the what part in the why part you can see here that the writer has introduced some of the problems they will discuss in the essay and the how the part is quite short in remembering these basic questions. What why and how they are very useful in helping you to focus your answer write a good introduction and a clear well-organized essay writing. Order essay from my assignment experts and take essay writing help.

The body

The body is the largest part of an essay where you need to discuss all the details of the topic. Our primary motto is to make you understand the art of essay writing and to provide you essay writing help. First, remember that a paragraph should deal with one idea only so you need to stick to that. You need to provide enough evidence for your statements so that you can make your point. You can divide it into paragraphs depending on the topic of your essay. However, you need to remember that you would need to provide transition statements between all the paragraphs.

The conclusion

It is the end of an essay where you need to write about your findings. It is the part where you would need to answer all the questions that are related to the topic of your assignment. Note that there should be no new information in the conclusion, so there are no references need to be remembered. You should not only start your essay strongly but you should also finish it strongly. You also need to try to be as original and striking as possible because this will be leaving a strong impression on the reader's mind.

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