Australia is a dream destination to seek out job opportunities for skilled workers from all around the world. Every year hundreds of skilled workers are migrating to Australia for job opportunities. There are two reasons for that – there are many skilled workers who are not getting good job opportunities in their native country and skilled jobs in Australia are paid high salaries resulting in a better lifestyle. It is quite clear that people having the actual skills do not want to miss out on such an opportunity. However, to migrate to Australia for work one needs to prepare a Competency Demonstration Report for Engineers Australia and that report needs to get approved by the said institution. But getting it approved by Engineers Australia is not an easy task to accomplish.

Professionals must be specific about their education and work experience in this document. This is to ensure that Engineers Australia, the organization in charge of choosing immigration requests, may decide whether the engineer is qualified to work in Australia after reviewing the CDR for Australian immigration. A document must be written in a specific manner with a focus on the professional's skills. This document has to be precise and written in a professional way to grab the attention of the officials approving the application.

 However, if you want to seek out help from a professional in writing your CDR, then immediately contact us at My Assignment Experts. We have professionals working in Australia who can make a perfect CDR document for you. You will just have to provide us with all the necessary details about your academic and professional background in your native country.


The format to be followed for a perfect CDR preparation


 The CDR for Australian Immigration is a very important document that can decide your fate of immigrating to Australia and make use of your skills in that country’s job sector. Therefore, even after putting on so much hard work if the CDR report is not prepared properly, your application can get rejected in a matter of a second. Our experts can come to your aid in this situation. They have years of experience in preparing CDR documents for individuals. A proper CDR report should primarily consist of four elements and be produced using the format outlined by Engineers Australia. It is crucial to stick to that format because it will enable you to highlight your expertise rather than cluttering the report with unrelated information. The main 4 elements of the Competency Demonstration Report are:

  • Curriculum Vitae – A Curriculum Vitae is the first document that will be checked by the officials of Engineers Australia. A document is typically included with a job application and provides a brief background or overview of the applicant's identification, educational background, skill set, and previous employment. Other personal details like one's preferences and dislikes, interests, hobbies, leadership qualities, etc. are also given here in addition to one's professional and educational accomplishments. Therefore, it must look extremely professional and presentable
  • Continuing professional development - It refers to the practice of tracking and recording the skills, information, and knowledge that you obtained during your profession both formally and informally. CDR is a record of the things you have done, learned, and put into practice as a part of your growth. The phrase typically refers to a tangible portfolio or folder that records your professional development
  • Three career episodes - A career episode should highlight your engineering expertise, competence, and experience during specific situations during your educational or professional experiences. Each career episode should be from a separate time frame in your life, show a specific component of your engineering projects, and show that you have used engineering knowledge and abilities linked to the job you choose as an applicant
  • Summary Statement – It is the summary of the career episodes written in brief so that the officers from Engineers Australia can have a look at it in one go



The assistance provided by our experts


  • Our experts have years of experience in writing CDR for Australian Immigration and they are immigrant engineers who have passed through this rigorous procedure.
  • Engineers Australia has a very strict consideration against plagiarism. They check the report very precisely to see if you have, copy pasted your achievement from somewhere or not. Our experts make sure that the report they prepare is fully free of plagiarism
  • We have plagiarism-detecting tools and separate proofreading departments to check the quality of the report and make sure that your report gets approved
  • The experts follow the proper format. All the skills and educational qualifications to be presented in the report should be as per the guidelines approved by Engineers Australia
  • Our experts make sure that CDR for Australian Immigration content for every applicant is unique and eye-catching where the focus is given to three career episodes. This is mainly achieved after much discussion with the applicant by our CDR writing experts
  • We prepare the draft and get it checked by our applicants to get their feedback and make change accord single till you are satisfied


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1. Why should I avail of your service for preparing my CDR document?

The experts whom we assign for preparing our client's Competency Demonstration Report are already immigrants working in the Australian work sector. They have experience making such CDR documents every day for other professionals also.

2. Do you charge a hefty amount for making the CDR documents?

Our charges are as per the industry standard. However, if you compare our charges with the service provided by other websites then you will see that we charge very much less than other websites. Moreover, our service is of premium quality and there is a 90% selection rate.