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What is CDR for Australian immigration?

Competency Demonstration Report or more commonly known as CDR for Australian immigration is a self-written paper by professionals who want to immigrate to Australia for work. Australia is becoming a dream destination to work due to a high salary and a better life. In this document, professionals need to elaborate on their education and skills so that Engineers Australia which is the responsible institution to select immigration requests can determine if that engineer is eligible to work in Australia or not after assessing the CDR for Australian immigration. It is a document which needs to be written in a described format and focus on the skills possessed by the professional. It has four parts mainly which needs to be written in the format which is described by the Engineers Australia. It is important to follow that structure as it is designed in a way that it helps you to put emphasis on your skills rather than stuffing the report with irrelevant things.

Structure to follow for a good CDR for Australian immigration

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Continuing professional development - it contains your achievements after the education that helped you to stay updated on the latest technologies and advancement.
  • 3 career episodes – 3 important projects that were done by you to showcase your skills and education.
  • Summary statement – it is the summary of your career episodes so that panel can look at your skills on the go.

Points to consider while writing a CDR for better chances of approval

It is worth mentioning that despite being talented and having the knowledge, a lot of professionals are not allowed to work in Australia due to the mediocre CDR for Australian immigration. It is really important to write a good CDR report as it improves your chances of getting selected. Let’s see what you need to take care of while writing your CDR.

  1. The career episodes should be written in paragraphs and you should never discuss the same project in 2 episodes. Each career episode should be written in detail between 1000 to 2500 words.
  2. You need to talk about the projects undertaken by you in your career episodes and never use other’s work as it plagiarises your report.
  3. Career episodes are really important and you need to emphasize the work done by you for those particular projects. You don’t need to talk about the teamwork rather you need to discuss how your knowledge and skills helped you to complete that project.
  4. You need to follow the structure. Always! You also need to take very special care of grammar as Engineers Australia is also looking at your communication skills and language proficiency.
  5. You also need to take special care while writing the summary statement which is the most important part of your CDR for Australian immigration. The assessment team will read this part first and you need to make an impression at the very start of the scrutiny.
  6. While writing the continuing professional development, always mention all the activities that you have done after your studies like seminars, meetings attended, extra courses taken to showcase your desire to stay updated to latest technologies and advancement of your field. This really matters to them that you need to be hungry for more knowledge.

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