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The personal development plan is a method of making an action plan based on awareness, values, knowledge, skills, and goals for personal development on the behalf of a career, education, relationship or self-improvement. The personal development plan is considered to enhance the quality and capabilities and skills of a student or an employee for the development of their career (Rubens et al. 2018). Personal development plan plays a significant role in the career of an employee. It has been seen that without personal development it is very difficult to meet the objectives. Personal development ennobles the basic skill into a sublime.

Personal Development Plan

Personal development is the only process through which one could get the supreme of the career graph. Personal may be effectively established through a number of steps such as communication skills, personal learning curve, individual weakness, listening skill, punctuality, and time management. I might enhance my skills in working through personal development. For this, a number of stages are implemented in this process. Personal development could help me to ameliorate my skills in work and it would lead me to reach my desired objectives or the desired goals. Personal development could be done through a number of methods and all the methods are necessary for every employee. Due to the lack of personal development skills, problems or hurdles may occur in the workplace, and personal development is the only process through which one could easily get rid of these problems. For furnishing my working ability I could choose the method of the personal development program. It has been seen that personal development would work as a graph in my working place to enhance the career graph of my life. After taking those steps of personal development, I could easily conduct any problems or hurdles that remain in my workplace. An individual development plan is a tool to support an employee to set career goals. It also helps me to improve my job performance.

Personal development is a lifelong process for people to enhance their graphs in skills, qualities and also helps them to reach the long or short-term goals of their career (Mittendorff et al. 2008). Personal development is not a self-help process it actually shows how people think about their abilities and helps them to turn the disabilities into abilities. In my experience, I have found that personal development helps to take an integral process to enhance receptivity. It has been seen that the process of personal development would over past through a time duration. In my personal development plan, it would take less than 3 years. Within the time duration, I could easily manage to develop my personal skills in every aspect of my career. Personal development also helps to know the options of the career which would workable for better career graph. A personal plan is a process that would allow one to think about the plans, programs of career development. It also encourages the achievements acquired by people and boosts them to identify the areas in which they wanted to develop or improve.

It has been seen that I have been facing problems due to the lack of personal development skills and I have taken the personal development plan as the ladder to enhance my career graph. I have developed my communication skill, personal learning curve, individual weaknesses, listening skills, punctuality, and time management through personal development. It has been seen that their lies the characteristics of the diversity of cultures in offices and I also facing problems due to the diversity of cultures and languages. Personal development helps me to overcome the problems through enhancing my development skill and it would take about 3 months. I would enhance my stock of words through books and also uses the dictionary to understand the meaning of the words. I also use a notepad to note unknown words and later I would find the exact meaning of the words that would help me in enhancing my stock of works and helped me to understand other languages. Through the process of personal development, I could easily manage to overcome the problems which would occur due to my communication skill. The communication skill helps me to make good relations with the other members of the company and that would facilitate working with the others in a blissful way. Communication skill is the process through which one could easily communicate with the other associates.

The personal learning curve is a process through which one could easily make the graph of their career. Without a learning curve, it would impossible to understand the working graph of the past and present. It also supports to make a proper working graph of future. The personal learning curve is an essential process to depict the relationship between the employee and the management of the company. It has been seen that I have no idea about the personal curve and that would lead me to face problems in the working place. Personal development helps me to wear down the problems which would happen due to the personal learning graph. Through the help of a personal learning curve, I would be able to enhance my personal skill which helps me to defeat all the hurdles residing in my working place. The process of the personal learning curve would take a time duration of 6 months. Through personal development in the personal learning curve, I could make an easy graph of my work and the future steps regarding the work.

It has been seen that individual weakness is one of the important problems which would happen in the working places. Every people are not perfect and have individual weaknesses. Generally, strengths and weaknesses disclose the character of a person. Often weakness becomes strength and strength becomes weakness due to the circumstances (Beausaert et al. 2013). Personal weakness depends on the circumstances and affects the work. It has been seen that personal weakness would decrease the career graph. Everyone in the company has their individual weaknesses and that would affect the overall development of the employees as well as the company. Individual weakness might be overcome by enhancing personal skills and strategies. The development of individual weakness helps to conduct a successful project and through this process, one could acquire the success of life.

Listening is the ability to receive the proper message in the process of communication. Without proper listening, no one would be able to do the proper work with the proper direction. It has been seen that in companies the employees are not good listeners. They are not attentive in personal meetings and for this; they could not accomplish the work appropriately. Not only that in companies the employees are not hearkened the problems or the suggestion of the other members of the company and that would lead them to major problems (McGrath, 2014). Everyone has to be a good listener and that quality would help to be a good leader. Without proper listening, the problems of the other members are not coming out as well as the new ideas are also unpublished. This problem would get rid of through a personal development program. Personal development would enhance the power of listening and helps to overcome problems. As being a part of a company I have been facing problems due to proper listening and resolve it through personal development. It would help me to gain new ideas from the other members of the company and helps me to understand the object of the company.

Punctuality plays a vital role in every aspect of life. Without punctuality, one could never be able to do the proper work in time. Time is one of the main factors in every work and for this everyone have to punctual in all perspectives. Punctuality is the prominence of the ability to complete the task or fulfil the responsibility before time or in the deadlines given by the company. It has been seen that the employees of the companies are not punctual in their way of working and that causes problems in their professional life (Eisele et al. 2013). As being a part of a multinational company I have facing problems due to punctuality. The employees have not arrived inaccurate time and that encumber the work as well distract their career graph. Everyone has to punctual in every aspect of their life and that perfection helps to work proficiency with the others. The problem of punctuality might be wended through the process of the personal development programme. It may be workable if the companies would take drastic steps regarding this problem. Punctuality would help one to conduct their lives in a facile way and enhance their career graph. If every one of the companies is punctual in their working time the company might be able to improve their business.

Time management is the elementary factor in every work. Everyone has to maintain the time. Good time management supports me to attain the work more in a miniature period of time and leads to do more works. It would give the conveniences of lower stress, helps to focus on the work, get more work and do it in time, less reworks (Beausaert et al. 2011). But in companies there lies a big issue on time management. The employees are not able to manage their time in a proper way and that would lead them to less work or reworks. The time management should be done to enhancing the personal development programme. I have managed to enhance my skill in time management through personal development programme. It would facilitate to finish the work in time and lead the company to its destined place. Time management might be done through proper strategy, the speed of the work, setting the goal, building and keeping deadlines, team management, and project management. Time is the principal factor of every successful work and it would be done through personal development programme.

Personal development is an action through which one could enhance the activities of personal and professional life. Without personal development, no one could be able to achieve their goals. Personal development not only enhances the personal skill but also helps to conduct a successful work. Personal development is a necessary process for every person and it would help in every aspect of life. Through personal development programme, one could enhance the employment skill, personal thinking, career graph, knowledge and it would also help to conduct a successful work (Beausaert et al. 2011). It has been seen that it would take more than 2 years to enhance the skills of an employee and that would lead to the ultimate success of the career. Personal development might be done through improving communication skills, listening skill, punctuality, time management, Improve individual weaknesses and personal learning curve.


Communication is one of the major problems that may happen between the employees of the company and that might lead the company to a chaotic work environment. Due to communication problems the employees could not connect with each other and could not do the work properly. The personal learning curve is another problem which might happen to every person and due to it; they are not able to identify their career graph. Punctuality and time management play another important role in every company but most of the employees are not maintain the punctuation and time limit that would hamper the production and work of the company. Everyone has their individual problems in every working place and those problems lead to the reworks. In the personal meetings the employees are not attentive and for this, they could not make out the main object of the company. It has been seen that personal development is the only process to get rid of the problems of the company as well as the problems of the employees.


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