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Why do students need academic essay help?

While writing an academic essay, you need to know the parts of an essay in that particular order. You should always remember that academic papers are written in structures and essays are also a part of it. We have seen students struggling with their essay writing assignments. They lack the time, the subject knowledge, and the expertise in academic writing and language and grammar proficiency. Because of these issues, they are not able to write an impressive essays and score poor grades. We offer them the best academic essay help so that they can overcome their deficiency and write top-quality essays. It helps them to score better grades and also learn the art of academic writing.


Here is the most common and best structure for an essay –

  • Introduction – Your introduction must be able to catch the attention of the reader with a hook, something that will reel them in for you, the fishermen out there. It should include your subject, the background information, definitions of your subject or common knowledge about your subject. We have seen many students commit a mistake in the introduction part. If you are not able to write a compelling introduction for your essay, it will be tough for you to keep your readers interested. In the introductions, the first sentence is very important. You should start with a question or use a vivid quotation related to the topic of your essay. Offer a surprising fact, outline a problem, provide background, start with a dialogue, define a word; central to the subject, not a dictionary definition, and state an opinion related to the thesis. These things are important and you should keep these in your mind while writing your introduction to the essay. Our top Assignment Experts do the same while providing you with the academic essay help service.
  • Body – this is the largest part of your essay where you need to discuss all the things related to your topic of the essay. You begin with a topic sentence for each paragraph in the body part of your essay. It lets the readers know what to expect in the paragraph. It states precisely what the topic of the paragraph is and makes a clear statement about the topic of the body of your academic essay. It also contains supporting statements in all sentences in any paragraph. You should use examples in your paragraph, use facts and figures, tell an illustrative story, and use expert testimony or even personal experience. You need to take care of the transition between the paragraphs. In the body of your work transitions are the connecting words or phrases that guide the reader from one idea or statement to another. They help establish a chronological sequence in a narrative or help connect examples or help move between steps in the process.
  • Conclusion – now is the time for you to write the conclusion of your essay. You should summarize the paper in a way that drives the point home. They must echo the approach of the introduction in a way that provides a sense of closure. They remind readers of the main point or thesis in different words and reflect on its implications. It should show the broader significance of an argument or answer the question. So, what the conclusion of your essay needs is that it should be memorable, just like you wanted a very interesting hook to begin your academic essay help something that would make the reader want to read it now. You should avoid one-sentence or very short conclusions. Those are unsatisfying with any reader do not merely summarize, what you have just said and do not restate your thesis word-for-word. Do not use overused phrases such as in conclusion or to sum up, and do not introduce new or irrelevant subjects in your conclusion. Be very specific and to the point with the help of evidence in your conclusion.

Why choose My Assignment Experts for Academic essay help?

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      1. Is My Assignment Experts really good academic essay helper?

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