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Are You Unable To Write Down Your Chemistry Assignment?

Chemistry is a branch of natural science that deals with atoms, matter, periodic tables, energy, acids, base, chemical bond, and reactions. It is the study of elements, their valency, protons, neutrons, and the nucleus. Elements are the simplest pure substances that cannot be broken into two or simpler substances by any physical or chemical method. There are 118 elements. Some common elements are carbon, iron, sodium, zinc, aluminium, and many more. There are five different subtopics of chemistry; they are organic, inorganic, analytical, physical, and biochemistry.

Are you unable to complete your chemistry assignment? Does chemistry haunt you? Give her a chance. Call My Assignment Expert; we facilitate chemistry assignment helps to emphasize strongly the ideas of chemistry. We take charge of the conceptual framework that is the core of what we want students to learn. All material and information has been arrayed into conceptual blocks and presented in easy-to-grasp pieces, as this is the natural way to present chemistry assignments to our students. The student should have an extensive grip on the basic concept of the subject. Chemistry desires special attentiveness as this subject is used in many industries to make new things. The entire drug industry turned towards the founding of chemistry. Without medicines, no diseases can be treated.

My Assignment Experts provides outstanding quality assignments which are always done by professional chemists, and PhD experts. We are always present for providing chemistry assignment help and assistance. Students are given chemistry assignments that include updated, well-researched and accurate information and experiments along with examples and activities. This will help them to score good marks and become excellent in chemistry and become the teacher��s favourite.

Topics we cover under chemistry assignment help:

Chemistry has many topics and each of many topics has further subtopics. So, based on the market demand we provide help on the following topics. They are as follows:

    1. Industrial Inorganic
    2. Redox Reactions
    3. Descriptive Inorganic
    4. Coordination Compounds
    5. Synthetic Inorganic
    6. Transition Metal
    7. Compounds
    8. Ain Group Compounds
    9. Organometallic Compounds
    10. Cluster Compounds
    11. Bioinorganic Compounds
    12. Qualitative Theories
    13. Reaction Pathways
    14. Thermodynamics &
    15. Inorganic
    16. Mechanistic Inorganic
    17. Transition Metal
    18. Complexes

My Assignment Expert has never compromised with the standard of your assignments.

    1. Branches of Chemistry:

There are five areas of chemistry. They are as follows:

    • Organic Chemistry: It’s the study of structures, properties, composition, mechanisms, and reactions of organic compounds. Students need to memorize all the organic structures and equations that build it is one of the toughest subjects. My assignment expert will be your mentor throughout your chemistry assignment.
    • Inorganic Chemistry: It provides elaborated information concerning inorganic compounds and substances. Its application is wide and is employed in industries.
    • Biochemistry: It includes the study of chemical reactions in living organisms. It’s additionally a colossal topic since their area is vast. It studies all the processes and reactions that are associated with organisms.
    • Neurochemistry: It includes the study of neurological things of a living being. Its core study space is about nerve tissues and their system.
    • Nuclear Chemistry: It is the study of subatomic particles. It deals with the study of radiation, nuclear processes, and the transformation of atoms with all the properties related to it.
    • Quantum Chemistry: It is the study of the chemistry of substances using Quantum Physics. It studies the appliance of physics and experiments with chemical systems. Every student requires a beautiful and standard assignment with specimens, diagrams, and a thesis. A close connection with our expert will help you to get good marks in your university assignments.

What are the basic principles of chemistry?

      • Matter: Anything that has mass and occupies space is called matter. All matter is made up of substances called elements that have specific physical and chemical activities. For example: when air is blown into a balloon, the balloon expands as the air fills up space inside the balloon.
      • Atom: Is the simplest particle of an element that possesses all the properties of that element and takes part in all chemical reactions. Atoms can be subdivided, created, or destroyed. Atoms of a given element are identical but differ from the atoms of other elements. For example: when the iron is broken down into the simplest form, those pieces show the properties of iron. On breaking them further we will notice that they still exhibit the properties of iron.
      • Molecules: The smallest particle of a pure substance (element or compound) that possesses all the properties of the substance is called a molecule. It always has an independent existence. A molecule can have atoms of the same elements or atoms of different elements. Example: Oxygen (two atoms of oxygen combine to form one molecule of oxygen).
      • Mixtures: A mixture is an impure substance that contains two or more kinds of particles (elements, compounds, or both) mixed in any ratio such that they do not undergo any chemical reaction. Example: mud in the water.

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Popular questions asked by students:
      1. On which topics will My Assignment Experts provide help for chemistry assignments?

My Assignment Experts have a team of well-read, educated, PhD scholars, chemists, and professional experts who are extremely skilled and talented in chemistry. They are available 24*7 to provide help on chemistry assignment topics. Some of them are:

        • Ionic Compounds
        • Transition Metal Chemistry
        • Balancing Chemical Reactions
        • Acid and Bases
        • Organic Chemistry
        • Structure of the Atom
        • Nomenclature of Hydrocarbons
        • Mole Concept
        • Redox Reactions
        • Thermo Chemistry
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