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CDR stands for Competency Demonstration Report. CDR for engineers in Australia is used to ascertain if the engineer is qualified to work in Australia and if the engineer will add value to the industry or not. You need to prepare and submit your CDR for engineers to Engineer Australia which is the responsible agency to allow work permits for engineers in Australia. It is a self-prepared document to inform the EA about the skills and efficiency of the engineer so that they are allowed to work in Australia which is one of the best places to work in the whole world due to its high salary and life quality. It also helps to demonstrate the communication and English language proficiency of engineers. Engineers Australia is responsible for the scrutiny of the CDR for engineers and determining if they are qualified enough to work in Australia. Thus it becomes really important for engineers to prepare their CDR as well as they can to improve their chances of getting allowed to work in Australia. The main issue lies with writing the report as most people are unaware of the structure for a good CDR and they don’t know what Engineers Australia is looking for in their report. Due to this, they write mediocre CDR and end up getting rejected. Thus we decided to provide CDR for engineers in Australia help to those engineers and help them to get a better chance at their selection to work in Australia.


CDR needs to be written in a pre-approved structure that helps to showcase your ability and skills so that EA gets a better visual of your knowledge. Let’s see what structure is used for a better CDR to improve your chances of getting selected.

  •  Curriculum Vitae – This should be the start of your CDR in which you can include your CV and let EA know your education and skills in short. You don’t need to focus much on this part but your CV should be able to showcase your skills.
  •  3 career episodes – this is one of the most important parts of your CDR For Engineers in Australia as you will be showcasing the 3 most important projects of your whole career. Each episode should be written in detail and you would need to put emphasis on your part of the project and how your knowledge and skills were used to get the desired result from that project. You don’t need to talk about the team effort but rather concentrate on the work done by you and maybe show that it would not have been possible to complete that project without your knowledge and insights. You need to talk about 3 such projects and all the 3 projects should be discussed in detail.
  •  Summary statement – this is a short but rather most important part of your CDR for engineers in Australia as you will be showcasing your skills and knowledge in short so that the scrutiny panel can see them and don’t get lost in rather less important details. You need to mention paragraphs of 3 career episodes in which you have put emphasis on your particular skill in detail. You need to be very precise in your summary statement and use some good sturdy language with absolutely correct grammar.
  •  Career professional development – It is also a not-that-short but important part in which you need to showcase all your achievements after your studies. You need to mention all the conclaves, seminars, extracurricular activities and courses that you attended after your graduation. It helps to show that you are still eager for knowledge and you are updated with the latest technologies and work done after your studies. It helps to show your work ethic and determination to become better in your professional life. Use some good words to improve your chances of selection in this part of CDR for engineers in Australia.

How do we provide CDR for engineers’ help in Australia?

We have a huge team of experts who are well aware of the requirements of a good CDR for engineers and some of them have also been members of EA. This helps to understand what the panel is looking for in an engineer and helps to write CDR according to that. They are very well aware of the structure and understand how and where to put emphasis so that the engineer’s skills are represented in the best way possible. They are also highly skilled in the English language and their grammar proficiency is of a professional level. We should never forget about the experience they have in writing CDR for engineers in Australia. All of these factors combine to increase your chances of selection as they can guide you to write the best CDR you were looking to write.

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