Mother is the gift of God; she is being considered as a part of God. Nothing can be compared with the love of a mother. Numerous stories are there which have been composing by focusing the care and love of mothers. One of them is ‘Girl’, written by Jamaica Kincaid. The mother here in the story has instructed her daughter constantly as what to do and what not. This is obviously one form of mother's love that she cares about her daughter if any wrong may happen to her. That is why all the instructions have been given to the girl. Now, this essay demands a comparison between this mother and another mother of a different story. Thus, the author has chosen the story namely “Mother’s Love- A Short Story” to make a comparison between these two mothers.

Comparison between Two Mothers of Two Different Stories

The purpose of this essay to differentiate two mothers or can be said that to judge two mothers from two different angles. Before making the comparison, it is needed to describe both the stories in brief. It would help to understand the facts and the comparison would be proper. As it has been mentioned earlier that the Girl is about the instructions those are given by a mother to her daughter. The mother has realized that her daughter is growing up and becoming matured by physically as well. Therefore, it is needed to show her right way. Adolescent kids need more care as they become highly sensitive and the parents need to spend quality times with them (McAdams 46). The story reflects the concern of a mother and that is why she has taught the way which should be followed to be an adult woman.

On the other hand, the next story is Mother’s love- a short story is about the care of mother which she uses to take even before the birth of the child. A mother has to suffer various things to bring up her child (Kochanska 141). This story also reflects the fact. It has demonstrated a story of a little boy who has given a note to his mother one day which contains the pricing value of every work that his mother has done. In return, the mother has written something on the paper which brought tears to the eyes of the boy. She has written about the care and love what she has provided to her son without expecting any monetary return of that.

However, making a comparison between these two mothers is tough. The common thing among the mothers is they love their children without expecting anything in return (Thiara and Cathy 137). Still, as per the requirement of the assignment, a comparison must be made between these two mothers. Firstly, the mother in the story Girl is a mother of an adolescent child. Therefore, she has now started planning to show her kid some practical sides of the life. On the other hand, the second mother has a little boy. Thus, she uses to plan his education or needs to handle some childish issues.

The first mother in the story is much practical than the second mother. The mother of the boy is more emotional and silent. It has been noted in the story that the mother of the boy has written down something in return for the approach of the boy. She could answer it through verbal conversation too. Then, it would be more loud and practical, but she probably more shy and emotional. That is why she has decided to express her thought in a written way. Sometimes silence works more than speech (Kochendorfer et al. 1009). This statement has become true for the second mother.

On the other hand, while focusing on the first mother, it has been noted that she is louder and more possessive to establish her statement. She continuously throws speech to her daughter and makes her warn. Maybe this is true that the context of the stories are different as the first mother is in a risky zone and trying her best to save her daughter from the misdeeds of life. On the other hand, the second mother only wants to express or share the efforts of her which she has been given for her baby. While going through the story of Girl, the emotional moments were lesser there in comparison to the second story. This is true that an indirect emotion was always there that driven the mother to be careful about her daughter. On the other hand, the second story is full of emotional moments. No practical concept was there.


This is not easy to differentiate two mothers. All the mothers in the world have a common thing that they love their children endlessly. They always try to make the bests for them and always try to guide them. However, the contexts, times, places, etc. may vary and that is why the expressions of the mothers can be differentiated. As it can be seen in the first story which is full of practical discussion and worries from a mother about her daughter. On the other hand, the second story has shown a more emotional platform where the mother has nothing to get in return for her efforts.


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