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Managerial problems are common in any organization having different hierarchies as well as leading heads. It is not only a matter of communication gap, but there are some other gaps that miscommunication and managerial issues are faced among different heads. The respective case has reflected a miscommunication among finance and marketing managers. City Fertility Center is operating in a highly competitive market of Australia as there are countless firms operating in the same base. Therefore, there is a possibility that based on outcomes or operations, managerial heads may engage in conflicts. The problem statement of the study has reflected the same issue while finance manager is making doubts on the operations of a marketing manager. However, it is not enough to determine operational gaps based on outcomes or less interactions of patients. It is also possible that City Fertility Center is not making enough support or not following efficient strategies to attract a large number of patients (Hoejmose & Adrien-Kirby, 2010).

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