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As we know CDR stands for Competency Demonstration Report and it is the main report that is needed to work in Australia. This report is written by engineers who want to work in Australia. Engineers Australia is the responsible authority which scrutinizes the CDR and either allows or rejects immigration requests based on that report. So it is understood now that it is the most important document that you need to work in Australia. Now the main problem lies with writing the CDR For Engineers as it is the main requisition for the allowance. Most of the people are not aware of the structure of CDR and how it should be written to increase the chances of acceptance. Our CDR report writers help you to write the best CDR which will definitely get your application selected. Now let’s see what these CDR report writers offer to you and why you should take their help to increase your chances of selection.


Engineers Australia has provided the structure in which the CDR should be written for a better impact. If you follow this structure you would definitely be able to gain their attention. However, it’s not only the structure that matters. What you write in that CDR and how you write is way more important. Let’s see what our CDR report writers suggest you write a good CDR.

  •  Curriculum vitae – This is going to be the first part of your CDR where you will write your resume with your educational and professional details.
  •  Continuing professional development – this part will consist of information about your professional activities after graduation. Mention all the seminars, conclaves and classes that you attended after your studies. It helps to show your hunger for knowledge even after graduation. It shows that you are updated with the latest technology and development in your field.
  •  3 career episodes – you need to write about the 3 largest and most important projects undertaken by you. Talk as much as you can about the requirements of the projects and how your skills and education helped you to achieve that goal.
  •  Summary statement – write about your skills and how you can be an asset for the Australian industry in short. Mark statements from the episodes to showcase your skills. This is the most important part of your CDR so take special care while writing it.

How our CDR report writers can help you?


We have a huge team of specialist CDR report writers who have the knowledge and expertise in CDR writing. Some of them have also been part of the panel that evaluates the CDRs. They know exactly what to write and how to write the best CDR that increases your chances of selection. They are some of the highly educated professionals who know how to showcase your skills for a better effect. They have helped numerous professionals until now and are always ready to help people.

We also assure you to provide domain-specific writing, with the assistance of expert CDR report writers. We have engineers from all domains, who can assist you in preparing your CDR from beginning to the end. At our desk, we assure you of providing the work that is fully original in context. We provide a bespoke service to each of our customers. This assures you of getting your report done from the scratch and 100% original content.

Why us?

  •  We have a team of more than 1000 Ph.D. top experts who are well experienced in Academic Writing and we also have a team of more than 50 CDR report writers who are always ready to help you.
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